Ever since we left Vegas (and before), we have been looking for a purebread, six week old, female Blue Heeler dog (THAT DID NOT HAVE HER TAIL DOCKED!!!), checking almost daily on craigslist to see if there is one within 1-2 hours of where we were. So you can imagine our delight when the same day we moved into our place in Bastrop, we saw an ad for six week old, purebread blue heeler pups on craigslist!

So the next day after finishing setting up, cleaning, etc., Mom, Joseph, Cramer (we needed something at Lowe's) and myself loaded up in the van and drove many miles on a winding (very winding) road cut through agressive vegitation, only barely held back by strong fences.

After about an hour, we arrived. It was a nice litle house sorrounded by a large yard with a smallish portion with a shed cut into it. There were dogs all over the shed portion, and a few little pups waddling around thier tiny little leggs.

The owner welcomed us, and while pushing past two large dogs (one was a Heeler, the other was a Shepperd), she addressed the shepperd as: Frodo. "Hmm. Frodo," Mom said.

After succeeding in breaking past the "dog barrier" She picked up the most beutiful thing I had ever seen. From that moment, I knew that that was to be my best friend for life. It seemed to look at me and smile as if it knew that, too. The owner lifted it up, moved it about two inches towards me and said, "Oops. This is a male."

So it came to be that we now own Rosie Cotton Flatt, named after the wife of Samwise in The Lord of the Rings.

Dispite Rosie not bieng as cute as the other one, nearly everyone says she is a perfect Blue Heeler puppy, and I can't dissagree.


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