Who Are We?

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Who Are We?...

We are Jason, (dad) Corrine, (mom) Joseph, Cramer, Travis, Harry, William, and Dolly a family of eight or nine if you count the dog, Rosie. Though we have spent almost ninteen years in Las Vegas and created a group of close friends, we have taken the crazy notion to travel through Mexico and Central America. Here you can see our exact course: http://www.flattfamily.com/node/335

About Us:

Jason (Dad)


Ever since we left Vegas (and before), we have been looking for a purebread, six week old, female Blue Heeler dog (THAT DID NOT HAVE HER TAIL DOCKED!!!), checking almost daily on craigslist to see if there is one within 1-2 hours of where we were. So you can imagine our delight when the same day we moved into our place in Bastrop, we saw an ad for six week old, purebread blue heeler pups on craigslist!

Hello, world.

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Here's a big hello from me to everyone else. Okay, maybe not that big - only about eight pounds and four ounces worth. My name is Dolly Mae Flatt. I'm new around here. I was born on Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 6:29 AM. I already told you how much I weigh, but I'll add that I'm 20.5" inches long. I'm doing well, but I seem to be hungry a lot, so I'm going to go get some food. Bye for now.

P.S. Check out some of the pictures my dad took of me:

Ron Paul

We looked up the laws, and Nevada Revised Statute 293 Section 270 prohibits the writing in of candidates on Nevada ballots. For more information, check out the documentary Hacking Democracy on YouTube (9 parts, each about 10 minutes long).

The story behind the pictures

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007, at about 4:30 pm

It was the first Tuesday of the month, which for our family means that Corrine had a La Leche League meeting to go to in the evening. Corrine came by where I was working to exchange vehicles and drop off the boys. She took off with the little truck, and left me with the Suburban and five hungry boys. I took a break from work to feed the boys and do an errand or two. Since it closes at 5pm, I decided to go to the Scouting Resource Center first, to exchange some hats and get some Merit Badge books.

William's Fifth Week

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William and I got a yeast infection this week, so we are trying our favorite remedies (and cutting back on the chocolate - sigh!). Gentian Violet is an old anti-fungal remedy that has one main (and somewhat funny) side effect; it turns everything purple. Learn more about Using Gentian Violet.


William's Second Week

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William is doing fantastic, eating and gaining well, and losing his orange color - he is now merely golden color. :) The boys and I are slow to get back into the full swing of our routine, and Jason has taken more time off work than he had planned, and is now starting to panic a bit about his backlog of work. All said, though, we just LOVE this new little boy; he fits in our family just perfectly.