Ron Paul

We looked up the laws, and Nevada Revised Statute 293 Section 270 prohibits the writing in of candidates on Nevada ballots. For more information, check out the documentary Hacking Democracy on YouTube (9 parts, each about 10 minutes long).

Our letter to our family and friends:

I am writing to you, and "wasting" paper and a stamp, to let you know about something that is so important to me that I didn't want to tell you about it in an email. I want to let you know that I have decided to "throw away" my vote in 2008, and to ask you to look at a candidate who has "no chance" of winning. The candidate I am talking about is Ron Paul.

I am so disgusted and disillusioned with the cookie-cutter candidates from both of the major parties, that I had pretty much decided to skip voting altogether, and to teach our homeschooled teens that there really is no point in voting, anyway, as all the major candidates from both parties are virtually indistinguishable puppet-sweethearts of the media, so it doesn't really matter which one gets elected. They are all campaigning on the "New World Order" platform, and we are "electing" to have fewer and fewer rights, more and more fascism, on a direct path to serfdom. (Do you know what those words really mean? We needed to look them up in the dictionary. We were surprised that what we thought they meant wasn't really what they actually mean.) I now hope and believe that we have a choice, that we can "just say no!", and "throw the [rascals] out!"

Ron Paul is different. He is the only candidate that believes in our ability to handle the freedoms that were acknowledged over 200 years ago in the constitution. He is the only candidate that doesn't think of the constitution as "quaint". He is the only candidate that actually believes in American citizens' (that is, your and my) ability to make competent life choices for ourselves.

I encourage you to go to Ron Paul's website; ** and see for yourself what the /real/ issues are. Please watch the videos. Read "About Ron". Go to a local rally and meet others who are supporting Ron Paul - listen to what they have to say - and why they believe he is the right candidate. If you find that you agree, please consider "throwing away" your vote and your financial contribution, and consider letting others know of your support.

Strongly consider registering as a Republican this year, even if you traditionally prefer another party, so that you can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. I will be totally shocked and thrilled if he wins the primaries, but if he doesn't, write-in candidates are still valid for the presidential election, November 2008, and

I can write "RON PAUL". Can you?

Finally, /thank you/ for your time and consideration in reading this short letter.


Jason and Corrine

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